ultimate silicone kit


This is the ultimate collection of Donna’s silicone utensils for all your cooking needs! The silicone coating ensures your kitchen utensils remain hygienic, long-lasting and easy to use. Subtle, yet colourful, the pretty blue shade adds a little style to your kitchen! Plus they’re dishwasher safe.

Ultimate Silicone Kit includes:
+ donna hay measuring cups – set of 4
+ donna hay zester – stainless steel
+ donna hay prep bowls
+ donna hay cooks spoon – blue
+ donna hay ladle
+ donna hay spoonula
+ donna hay spatula
+ donna hay whisk
+ donna hay tongs
+ donna hay turner
+ donna hay icing spatula – small
+ donna hay icing spatula – large
+ donna hay measuring spoons
+ donna hay tablet stand
+ medium gift box

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